Thirty Years of Unhappiness - The Jung von Matt Story

Jung von Matt is THE advertising agency in Germany. For 30 years, the name has stood for entertaining, moving and clever campaigns. The slogans and slogans created remain part of German cultural history and remain in people's minds even decades after their publication. Economically, the agency is more successful today than ever before. And Jung von Matt still has a hard time fighting its reputation as an exploitative employer. In the latest 82-minute OMR Original "30 Years Dissatisfied - The Jung von Matt Story", viewers:inside get their first glimpse into this struggle and behind the scenes of the myth-enshrouded agency. In never-before-seen scenes and interviews, Holger Jung and Jean Remy von Matt candidly talk about their curious acquaintance, the early days of the agency and their self-promotion strategy.

Director: Krischan Dietmaier, Fabian Korbinian Wolf

2022 • PG •

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