Dropped - S05:E01 - Empty Handed Dropped - S05:E01 - Empty Handed

Dropped - S05:E01 - Empty Handed

Cast: Chris Keefer, Casey Keefer,

USA • 2016 • Unrated •

Episodes in Season 5

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Episode 01 - Empty Handed

21 Min 50 Sec
In remote areas, survival is an everyday game. In this episode, The Keefer brothers put boots to ground as their journey through Alaska begins. Armed with nothing but a couple Glock 20s, the brothers immediately begin their search for their first supply-yielding cache

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Episode 02 - Long Days, Cold Nights

21 Min 54 Sec
The Keefer brothers awaken to a frozen tundra. With over 8 miles to cover and no oars, the brothers are forced to trudge their way through shallow water and barren earth as they head downstream in search of their second cache.

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Episode 03 - Choke Point

21 Min 41 Sec
The terrain begins to change as the Keefer brothers are forced to pick their way downstream. The landscape tightens it's grip and funnels the brothers to a geographic choke point where both predator and prey gather.

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Episode 04 - Bone Weary

21 Min 40 Sec
The Keefer brothers take shelter in a small pine outcropping as a winter storm sets siege to the river. Forced to wait out the arctic blast, the brothers try and retain what little energy they have left.

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Episode 05 - Fireside Fortune

21 Min 39 Sec
Using up the last of their energy, the Keefer brothers make their way down stream in search of their next supply cache. The tide turns as they finally make their way out of the open tundra and into the heart of moose country.

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Episode 06 - Now or Never

21 Min 03 Sec
With lifted spirits, the Keefer brothers set out to spot and stalk a herd of caribou near by, but closing in proves more difficult than expected.

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Episode 07 - Cache Out

21 Min 52 Sec
With red meat, the Keefer brothers are finally able to replenish their depleted energy, but they aren't the only ones looking to survive the winter in the Alaskan wilderness.

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Episode 08 - Bearing Down

21 Min 43 Sec
The harsh reality of winter sets in, and the Keefer brothers are forced to sleep with one eye open as a grizzly patrols the area around their camp.

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Episode 09 - Head to Head

21 Min 42 Sec
With the arctic storm nipping at their heals, the Keefer brothers race down the river to reach their next supply-yielding cache only to become lost as the river divides into a maze of small channels.

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Episode 10 - Edge of the Storm

21 Min 40 Sec
As the temperature plummets, the Keefer brothers fight their way down stream through freezing water and strong headwinds as they hope to reach their extraction site before the arctic storm lays claim to it.

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Episode 11 - After the Drop

21 Min 43 Sec
Chris and Casey Keefer recount their most memorable moments from this year's journey to Alaska's Brooks Range.

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Episode 12 - The Keefer Brothers

21 Min 43 Sec
The Keefer brothers look back on one of their favorite moments of this years adventure.

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