The Luxury Travel Show - S01:E01 - Chiang Mai and Eze The Luxury Travel Show - S01:E01 - Chiang Mai and Eze

The Luxury Travel Show - S01:E01 - Chiang Mai and Eze

Cast: Sarah Moorhouse

USA • 2015 • U •

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Episode 01 - Chiang Mai and Eze

22 Min 57 Sec
Nestled in the foothills of northern Thailand, Chiang Mai is the country’s fifth largest city. Brimming with culture, beautiful architecture and stunning temples it’s often considered a sanctuary away from Bangkok. In the South of France, nestled between Nice and Monte Carlo is the picture postcard town of Eze.

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Episode 02 - Ice Hotel, Sweden and Bangkok

23 Min 01 Sec
Ever fancied spending a night in the Ice hotel? We visit the breath-taking man-made winter wonderland and have a look at the arctic activities which guests can enjoy during their stay in Sweden. Then it’s off to warmer climates to Thailand’s capital – Bangkok.

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Episode 03 - St Tropez and St Lucia

22 Min 08 Sec
In the South of France, 100 kilometres west of Nice, is the famous town of St Tropez. Once a sleepy fishing village, today it is quite possibly the most Jet-Set-Resort in Europe where the rich and famous holiday. Known as the most romantic island in the Caribbean we explore the beauty and everything St Lucia has to offer.

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Episode 04 - Ulagala, Sri Lanka and Florence

22 Min 02 Sec
Sri Lanka, to the south of Asia, is an idyllic Buddhist island, where cows roam free and ancient monuments and temples can be found almost everywhere. Then it’s off to the busy Italian city of Florence, an art lover’s paradise, where world famous pieces of art can be found hanging in virtually every museum.

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Episode 05 - Parrot Cay and Algave

22 Min 39 Sec
Portugal’s Algarve region has long attracted holidaymakers looking to relax and soak up the sun. Portugal is also quickly becoming known for its great tasting wines. But if Europe is too crowded for your travel tastes then how about the private island resort of Parrot Cay in the Caribbean Turks and Caicos Islands, where you can escape, relax and recharge your batteries in the lap of luxury.

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Episode 06 - Barcelona and London

22 Min 09 Sec
Located in Northern Spain, Barcelona is one of the most vibrant and cultural cities in Europe. The Luxury Travel Show explores many of the city’s quirky and unique buildings designed by the famous architect, Antoni Gaudi. A city that’s equally full of famous buildings is London where a helicopter tour along the River Thames offers bird’s eye views of London Bridge, The Houses of Parliament, the London Eye and so much more.

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Episode 07 - Uga Bay, Sri Lanka and Istanbul

21 Min 04 Sec
The Luxury Travel Show heads to the idyllic resort of Uga Beach in Sri Lanka for some unusual fine dining locations, with tall tables in the swimming pool and dug-out sunken tables in the sand. Then it’s off to Istanbul with a stay in one of the city’s best hotels - which has been transformed from a derelict tobacco factory into a palace fit for royalty.

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Episode 08 - Grand Cayman and Toledo

22 Min 10 Sec
Things hot up in this episode of The Luxury Travel Show as we head to the Caribbean island of Grand Cayman to a small town where visitors can literally send loved ones a postcard from Hell. The temperature dips only slightly in Toledo for a safari trip in Spain, with sunset drives, horse riding and clay pigeon shooting.

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Episode 09 - Rennes and Provo

22 Min 52 Sec
This gastronomic tour of Brittany stops off for crêpes in Rennes and Oysters in Cancale before visiting the historic walled city of St Malo. Then on to the island of Providenciales, known locally as Provo, in the Turks and Caicos Caribbean islands with buggy racing on the beach and a spot of shopping for some very expensive wines.

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Episode 10 - Stockholm and Lisbon

22 Min 06 Sec
For a weekend winter break, Stockholm has got to be one of most beautiful cities to visit. Made up of 14 separate islands, it’s one of the best-preserved and largest mediaeval cities in Europe. Then some summer sun in the Portuguese capitol, Lisbon, for a whistle stop cultural tour of the city and a surfing lesson along the coast.

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Episode 11 - The Loire and Grenada

22 Min 43 Sec
There’s more to the Loire Valley in France than wine. We’re on the Da Vinci trail, following in the last footsteps and final resting place of the great Leonardo da Vinci in the small town of Amboise, deep in the heart of the Loire. Then for the ultimate in relaxation it’s a pamper and spa break in Grenada.

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Episode 12 - Venice and Northern Ireland

23 Min 33 Sec
Venice, one of Europe’s most iconic and enchanting cities with its labyrinth of waterways and canals linking one hundred and eighteen separate islands. From Venetians to visitors, it’s the city where everyone oozes style. Then on to Northern Ireland, for a ghostly trail around a haunted hotel and a walk on the road to Winterfel, visiting some of the iconic locations featured HBO’s Games of Thrones series.

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Episode 13 - Barbados and Lake Como

23 Min 36 Sec
Barbados has it all. Home to The Cliff, one of the world’s most famous restaurants where sharks swim in the floodlit bay and entertain diners. Considered by many to be the best of the Caribbean Islands it is home to media moguls and pop princesses alike. Italy’s Lake Como also plays host to a number of famous Hollywood stars and directors who’ve fallen in love with its breath-taking vistas and fabulous cuisine.

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